Welcome to the 2013 Ethnic Studies Conference and Showcase blog!

The October 19th conference is a full day including community building, academic round tables, and practical conversations for identifying a strong model for ethnic studies at liberal arts colleges. The October 18th showcase is a full night focused on celebrating and building solidarity within our multifaceted community through slam poetry, comedy, storytelling, song, and more.

Here are the basics:

  • The conference and showcase reflect our value of ethnic studies as an academic field and as an integral part of any liberal arts college.
  • This blog will include essentials like conference registration (which you should go do now!), schedules, panelists’ profiles, performers’ bios, sponsors, and more.
  • The conference will be on October 19, 2013 during the day and the showcase will be on October 18, 2013 in the night. Both will be at Wellesley College.
  • All conference information is under the “About the Conference” tab and all showcase information is under the “About the Showcase” tab!
  • If you have anything you want to share on the blog, please use our contact form and we will contact you for more info!

This blog is run by the 2013 conference’s student planning committee and the showcase organizers which include  leaders and representatives from across the Wellesley College campus. The conference planning committee as a whole also includes faculty and administrators from the college who have been central in leading the collaboration between all three parties: students, administrators, and faculty.

We hope you can join us for both events and…don’t forget to register for the conference!


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