Showcase Performers

We have an exciting line up for you including….

Dis/orient/ed Comedy


Dis/orient/ed Comedy is the first-ever nationally-touring stand-up comedy showcase that features the fresh and diverse voices of Asian American female comics.

In cities throughout the country, Dis/o­rient/ed Comedy creates a unique lineup of nationally-touring talent with local, up-and-coming Asian American female comics. While the tour’s focus is on showcasing Asian American female comics, DIs/orient/ed Comedy’s productions features other diverse and unique perspectives not often seen on mainstream comedy club stages. Read More…

Amanda Torres


Amanda Torres is a mexicana writer, singer, teacher, and organizer who loves avocados. Winner of the National Brave New Voices Slam Competition &  veteran of Louder Than Bomb, Chicago, she showcased the first youth poetry slam in London. Amanda has received several awards for her writing and performance, including the Union League Civic Arts Foundation Award for Fiction. She has written articles for AREA Magazine and has published work in several anthologies including the Garland Court Review.

Originally from Chicago, Amanda has been teaching for over eight years. She founded the first Youth Advisory Council at Young Chicago Authors and co-founded L@s Eloter@s, a socially engaged Latino/a writing teachers collective. Upon arriving in Boston, Amanda continues to teach ESL and performance poetry throughout the state of Massachusetts. Read More…

Harvard College Speak Out Loud


Harvard College Speak Out Loud (SOL) is an inclusive community of artists dedicated to creating and promoting original spoken word poetry. We embrace and encourage collaboration with other groups to foster new conversations around identity and other topics. We emphasize both the personal journey of writing and community aspects of the public one of performance. Most fundamentally, we believe that by speaking our stories, accepting them as works in progress, we can build a supportive community where we challenge ourselves to make art honestly, responsibly, creatively. SOL welcomes all who wish to write or listen, regardless of experience or affiliation. Read More…

Yolandi Cruz


“Yolandi Elvira Cruz Guerrero was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and wrote her first book when she was in third grade. It was made up of only eight pages and filled with illustrations she created herself with color pencils and water paint. Yolandi is now a seventeen-year-old High School Junior trying to pass her classes and working with kids at the local library. She has been writing since she came out her mother’s womb and has had the luck of encountering amazing teachers and friends who have encouraged her to share her stories both in Spanish and English. She met her first love, Spoken Word, as a freshman and has been working to make her marriage stronger and have a couple kids ever since. Right now she participates in Books of Hope in the community of Somerville.

She writes for peace and refuses to create art that doesn’t work towards positively changing the world.” – Yolandi Cruz (originally quoted in this sourceRead More (en español)… 

…likely a few more to come too!


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